Monday, April 20, 2015

Within These Walls (the Walls Duet Book #1) by J.L. Berg

Grab the Tissues!!
This story was so emotional for me and I think will be for most people with empathy. The main character in this story is Lailah and her entire life is just so tragic. She was born with a heart condition that keeps her hospital bound most of the time. Some might be butter, angry, and resentful of everything and everyone in her situation, given just how unfair her life has been, but that just is not the case here. Lailah is a beautiful, kind, caring creature who looks for the silver lining, the good in everything. Then we meet Jude. He is a nurse's assistant who's own life was black and desolate, plagued by the darkness without any hope of a dim ray of light and had given up all hope or thought of there ever being anything else for him besides his private personal hell. Then the two meet. I would like to say more but don't want to leave any spoilers. This is an epic tale. I laughed some, I cried a little more than "some" and I lived along with these two beautiful souls. This story is so well written, the story and especially the characters are so well developed, that after reading the book you feel like you really know these people. I can't say just how great this story is.
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

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