Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Zeuorian Awakening by Cindy Zablockis

             The Zeuorian Awakening by Cindy Zablockis                        Amazing, Entertaining YA Dark Fantasy

This is a great read. Definitely hard to put down once you get started. This is the story of Lexi who is a very gifted teen. You see she can read minds! If that was her only problem maybe she could handle it. Unfortunately Lexi starts changing, into what she's unsure. The only people who can explain her situation, her parents died in a car crash. As you follow Lexi along her journey it's one unfortunate incidence after another as she begins and continues to make her transformation. I dare you not to try and solve the mystery that is Lexi's complicated existence. This book grabs you from the beginning and does not let go until the final words. I can't wait to see what happens next!
I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review

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