Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tool by Sabrina Paige

Tool Almost Too Hot to Handle!

I've been hearing a lot about these stepbrother romances lately but this is my first and I've got to say Wow! I am now completely hooked. The story grabs you from page one and holds on until the last word. Sabrina Paige is also new to me and she knocked this one WAY out of the park. The story of good girl, level-headed, Delaney and the unpredictable, man-whore, bad boy biker Gaige is a steamy whirlwind. These two are totally hot for each other, totally in denial, and it gets pretty comical. When Gaige realizes that he must have Delaney the hot pursuit is on as he whispers streams of naughtiness into her ears that have her all-over blushing and shuddering at the same time. The chemistry between Gaige and Delaney literally pours off of the pages with scenes so hot the pages steam. This book will have you shivering and begging for more. 

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