Monday, April 20, 2015

Twice Lost: A Paranormal Erotica (The Harbinger Series Book 1) by Jennifer Field ###FREE!!! at the time of posting 4/20/15

Paranormal Erotica!

Book Description
Jenna Thanatos thought she was ordinary; just your everyday girl with a healthy sexual appetite and a few kinks to boot. After moving to Maine to be closer to her boyfriend, Kyle, Jenna was starting a new chapter in her life. Little did she know, this chapter had more to offer than she ever thought possible. One night of fun exhibitionism turns Jenna’s world upside down and shoves her face first into a world she never knew existed. Harbinger. Female Harbinger. The thing of legends, a myth foretold by ancient seers, but it couldn’t be true. She was just her. Besides, things like that didn’t exist. After being kidnapped, shot at, chased, and sprouting wings, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

Timoteus, an ancient Harbinger, has been searching for Jenna for years after finding out that she truly did exist, keeping a long-term promise to an old friend to watch over his family line. His duties were to protect her, train her, and make the foretold prophecy come to fruition. After saving Jenna, they find themselves still being hunted, landing Tim right in the middle of an operation he never dreamed could exist.

Benneit Colebrook took over his father’s business after his death last year. When the mention of a female Harbinger was whispered in his ear, he knew he had to have the rare and precious being to add to his collection. And, he would do anything to get her.

Jenna now finds herself in an underground compound with two sexy as hell men, hiding away from the people hell-bent on taking her. Why? She has no clue. Yesterday she was normal, today she’s not only in a fight for her life, but also the lives of all beings that have been disappearing for centuries.

Will Jenna be able to accept who she is and face this new world head-on, or will everything come crumbling down before she has a fighting chance?

I have to say that I enjoy reading the occasional erotica, and that paranormal is my absolute favorite genre, but this is the first time for me reading the two together. I loved this book! I was hooked from page one and I could not put it down! I just bad to keep going until I got to the very last word. This book has everything. The main character is Jenna and she us definitely no damsel in distress! She is a strong, opinionated, sexual being with a love for kink with a capital K, yet still shows a soft sweet and vulnerable side to her. Then there is Tye, he is a Harbinger, a super hot computer wizard, who likes go be packing heat wherever he goes, and is just as beautiful on the inside as he is outside. Finally there is Tim, he is also a Harbinger and a mega hottie, with smokin tattooed bod and a bad temper, and he also happen's to be Jenna's guardian. Also we have Gabe, and yes he too is a total babe, with all of these sexy men around, what's a girl like Jenna to do? At the beginning of the story Jenna thinks that she is just your average girl, with a ginormous kinky sexual appetite, but one night all that changes. Let's just say one of her kinky exploits lands her in a heap of trouble. Oh and did I mention, naked? This story is great it has action, and mystery, it keeps you guessing with twists and turns, it will keep you on the edge of your seat flipping pages into the wee hours. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who liked a good paranormal read and a good erotica. The best of both worlds.
I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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Master of Freedom: A Mountain Man novella by Cherise Sinclair

An erotic, short read First off even though this is only a novella there is a whole story involved, sometimes with novella's your left feeling like something huge is missing or like you've just read a few steamy pages in the middle of a novel. This is not the case with Ms. Sinclair. In this story we read about Atticus and Gin. This is not your typical BDSM short read. Atticus is not only a rancher and police detective, but he is also an experienced DOM. Gin is a social worker coming off of a bad relationship with her ex-fiancĂ©e. She gets introduced into "the lifestyle" by some friends of hers.  Besides the smoking hot scenes between Atticus and Gin, there is another kind of action. A prison break and a kidnapping will get your blood pumping. Also our hero and heroine have some personal issues to work out. Through the trust they build in their sexual relationship they are allowed a way to communicate together to work through a pretty dark past. All in all a nice little read.
I was given this ebook free in exchange for an honest review

Red (Believe Series #1) by Trista Jaszczak

Fairy Tales Twisted? Yes Please!
I am a huge fan of these new retelling of fairy tales told in modern times. This one was a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and let me just say that this particular "little Red" is no damsel in distress, she is a funny, sassy, tough heroine. In this story just like all versions of this story our heroine, in this case Sam, has to meet "the Big Bad Wolf" and she does, in this story his name is Ethan. Together Sam and Ethan get up to some pretty steamy business, however it wouldn't be a story if there wasn't some problem or hardship to overcome. This is no exception, both our hero and heroine have sad, pretty tragic pasts. Will they come together to overcome the past, or will this just be a little rendezvous in the woods? Do twisted tales actually ever get the happily ever after? I laughed a lot while reading this twisted little fairy tale and I felt for the characters, the writing was done so well that you really get a sense of who they are. I would like to know more about dome if the side characters and hope that they might show up in another story down the line. This is a read worth picking up.
I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Loverboy by Trista Jaszczak

A Suspenseful Romantic Thriller
I couldn't put this down! This is a story about Charlie. She was a girl who had it all. She was living in New York in the typical small one bedroom apartment of most natives and loving it, she was going to college and, teaching dance and loving to dance herself, living an apple pie life, so to speak. Then one night on the way home from a party it all changed she was attacked by a brutal serial rapist and killer named Loverboy. Charlie manages to escape and get to a hospital, where she is assigned to Nick, a cop who is going to protect her because she is the lone survivor of Loverboy. Nick becomes an integral part of Charlie's life, just how much? Now that would be telling. Trista's tale has everything, a very complex and thick plot, twists and turns and things so unexpected, you have to take pause. This story is so well written, you easily fall into the thick of things, the characters are real and relatable and I found myself empathizing with them at every turn. This is the second book I've read from this author and she had done it again. You can bet it definitely won't be the last!
I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review

Within These Walls (the Walls Duet Book #1) by J.L. Berg

Grab the Tissues!!
This story was so emotional for me and I think will be for most people with empathy. The main character in this story is Lailah and her entire life is just so tragic. She was born with a heart condition that keeps her hospital bound most of the time. Some might be butter, angry, and resentful of everything and everyone in her situation, given just how unfair her life has been, but that just is not the case here. Lailah is a beautiful, kind, caring creature who looks for the silver lining, the good in everything. Then we meet Jude. He is a nurse's assistant who's own life was black and desolate, plagued by the darkness without any hope of a dim ray of light and had given up all hope or thought of there ever being anything else for him besides his private personal hell. Then the two meet. I would like to say more but don't want to leave any spoilers. This is an epic tale. I laughed some, I cried a little more than "some" and I lived along with these two beautiful souls. This story is so well written, the story and especially the characters are so well developed, that after reading the book you feel like you really know these people. I can't say just how great this story is.
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Life of Anna: The Complete Story by Marissa Honeycutt

Once you start you can't stop
Anna's story will suck you in from the very first page and won't let go until the very last word. This is five books in one and is a very twisted and dark tale about a girl named Anna and the way that her story unfolds is heart wrenching. While reading this I went through the gambit of emotions, I was happy, I was sad, I laughed, and I cried, I got upset and angry, seething, and sickened at points. It is both disturbing and erotic. It is graphic and violent, but still you can't turn away.  You have to actually experience it. That's what this story is, an experience that Marissa Honeycutt has written so well that you are IN the world with Anna, you feel for her, hurt for her, and are shocked to find out just who and what she is. Hers is a story that takes you into a a dark world unlike any you have ever known. I don't usually go this dark, this is extremely dark! I will say though that it is worth reading all the way through to get the entire story.
I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.

To Dance with Ugly People by Lorene Stunson Hill

To Whom it May Concern:
This is a story told in a series of letters written by Dani, beginning in the year 1955 when she was just a small child of only 4 years old, and continues on through until the fall of 1983. Dani's story is raw and emotional in it's honesty and truth. Dani is forced to grow up early, with a mother who left her in charge, basically abandoning her to raise her siblings and care for the household as a parent should. Dani suffers from abuse and neglect, not only as a child, but throughout this entire tale. I felt for this girl, I kept hoping that things would take a turn for her, kept looking for her silver lining. Dani eventually grows up to be a strong woman, with the courage to keep going, to keep striving, and believing that her true "someone" was out there, waiting to appreciate all that she has been through, and the person that she has become. It is hard to read through Dani's trials and tribulations, hard to look into the face of the hand that this poor girl was dealt. This author did an excellent job in crafting Dani and her story, and all of the characters that come in and out of her life and affect it. She makes you understand the pain and suffering that Dani goes through, and helps the reader to see how she comes to the point that she finally is at.